AAA Blog: What Can I Get Out of the AAA Conference?

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Conference Experience and Resource Guide


The Able, Active and Adaptive Climate and Diversity Conference is not only benefiting individuals with disabilities and their families, but also the able-bodied community of the Bryan/College Station area.  The goal of the conference is to offer all attendees a new variety of knowledge and experiences, as well as a physical resource to take home. The AAA team has been working very hard to reach these goals and bring the ideas to fruition.


Experience the Able, Active, and Adaptive Conference 2019

The inaugural conference experience was very unique, complete with physically adapted sports, educational sessions on how to accommodate individuals with disabilities, informative workshops on how to implement these practices, an exhibitor booth fair hosted by a variety of organizations, and a FitWalk. By day, attendees absorbed their new knowledge like a sponge. By night, attendees of all skill and ability levels became competitive, adaptive sport athletes. The gym was roaring with the sounds of wheelchair rugby players crashing into each other, whistles from the sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball referees, and the sharp clink of a beep baseball player hitting a homerun. While this conference was an amazing experience for everyone involved, the activities and educational elements were accommodating for individuals with physical disabilities. For the 2019 conference, we are expanding our reach to encompass all kinds of disability- physical, intellectual, or emotional. As a result, this will significantly affect the experience that we will provide for attendees. The format of the conference will essentially be the same, complete with a FitWalk in the morning, a keynote speaker, an exhibitor booth fair, informative sessions during the day, and fun, interactive activities to complete the evening. Sessions will be focused on one, or all, of the types of disabilities mentioned. While there will still be adaptive sports available in which to participate, some of the activities will focus more on social interaction or a therapeutic activity.


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About the Resource Guide

The AAA team is also preparing a resource guide for the 2019 conference that attendees will be able to take home. A resource guide will help families of individuals with disabilities find support groups and adapted organizations around the Bryan/College Station area. The guide will be available in print form to take home from the conference, as well as online. The online version will have a searchable feature so that individuals with disabilities and their family members will be able to search for keywords to find the best resource available to meet their needs. For example, if a child with autism wants to play basketball, families can search by “child,” “autism,” and “basketball” and the guide will give them the best results in the area. This guide will be useful for able-bodied attendees looking to volunteer, as well. While there will be local organizations recruiting members and volunteers at the conference exhibitor booth fair, attendees looking to volunteer can use this guide to discover additional opportunities in the area that match their specific interests.


Our Mission for This Year’s Conference

With the new focus of the conference and the completed resource guide, we are aiming to create an even better conference experience. We are thrilled to see how our expanded focus will bring in a new variety of attendees and presenters. We are also eager to welcome back our previous attendees. See you at the 2019 Able, Active, and Adaptive Climate and Diversity Conference!


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